A sweaty workout can make unsightly pit stains!

Sweat Stains – How to remove those ugly, yellow, pit stains!

How to get rid of Pit Stains

Let’s get real. Both single men, and married men still have to do laundry. Sometimes, we’re lucky enough to have an awesome, significant other who helps us with our laundry.

However, having domestic laundry service (no offense meant ladies) doesn’t excuse us manly men from learning this particular life skill. Hey, as an added benefit, knowing how to properly do your laundry is also quite impressive to most ladies!

So how do we get rid of pit stains?

Sweat stains, or pit stains as I like to call them, are a real pain in the posterior to get rid of. They don’t usually wash out when run through the regular wash cycle. On top of this, many fancy stain removers simply aren’t fantastic enough to actually remove the yellow crap. This makes revitalizing your favorite shirt seem like a daunting task.

If you don’t mind ponying up the dough, you could just take your shirt to the dry cleaners. There are some stains that are truly better left to the professionals.

But I find – by principle, that it is more manly to at least attempt to take care of that shizzle yourself before you delegate the task. Besides, nothing feels better than conquering the mighty by using some Manly skill!

Luckily, there is a simple, proven way that I have used in the past to remove that nasty, yellow, demonic plague from your shirt; and in 98% of cases it works!

The quick, easy, most “bang for the buck” way

The Manly way to do things is the to do something in the most simple, effective, and affordable of ways. I believe it to be a defining principle to most Manly men.

As a young man, I constantly had the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder”, drilled into my skull. As I grew older and started working for a living, I added another part to this mantra, “More bang for the buck!”

Thankfully there is a product that actually works for this on the store shelf today.

In my personal experience one of the most effective ways of getting a sweat or pit stain out of your clothing is to buy a product called Oxi Clean. I know that Oxi Clean isn’t the cheapest detergent out there, but it certainly gets the job done.


Don’t fall for the marketing hype. There are many Oxi Clean varieties today. You may be tempted to buy the new spray bottle or the liquid detergent. The truth is that the original, powdered detergent is actually the best.

PRO TIP: Most major, name brand detergent’s liquid detergent version, is almost identical chemically to their powdered detergent. The biggest difference is a slight dilution by adding a liquid base.

Oxi Clean Detergent
The original, powdered Oxi Clean is one of the best ways to get rid of sweat or armpit stains!


  1. Find a clean container that is big enough to hold your rancid shirt and enough hot water to completely submerge the stains.
  2. Add a bit of hot water and one scoop of Oxi Clean to the container and mix it until the detergent dissolves in the water. (Note:Laundry detergent does not “suds up” like dish soap. Don’t expect a lot of bubbles.)
  3. Add your shirt and more hot water until there is enough to completely cover the stains of the garment.
  4. Let that bad boy soak! I personally prefer an over-night soak. Make sure to check it periodically to make sure that your stains remain in the solution, and haven’t surfaced.
  5. You can stir your wicked brew once in a while to help break up the proteins in the stain. It makes some people feel better. You can also use a soft brush to work on  the stain. Just make sure that the stains remain submerged after you’ve given your shirt the swirly.
  6. The next day (or whenever you give up) put some Oxi Clean directly on the stain(s) so that it forms a kind of paste. Launder that bad boy like normal, but keep it separate from your other clothes.
  7. After your shirt goes through the wash cycle, check it.  If there is still a bit of a stain, add more Oxi Clean as a paste to the area, and put it through another wash cycle.

Your shirt should be nice and clean after a couple of washes.

If it’s still not clean after a couple of washes, I would either relinquish it to the pros or build an alter and sacrifice it to your choice of God.

PRO TIP: Avoid putting your shirt in the dryer until it is clean. Using a dryer on clothing with a stain is a horrible laundry faux Pas.  It will set the stain and make it harder to remove.

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