The New Jackie Chan Movie, The Foreigner, Looks Totally Sick!

Not the Typical Jackie Chan Role?

If any of you gents out there are similar to me, then you like the occasional kung fu movie. When it comes to kung fu, Jackie Chan is one of the best! There’s something both charming and bad ass about how he always manages to get himself out of some impossible tight spots through serpentine, slippery, kung fu moves!

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In the past, Jackie Chan has seemingly played the role of an innocent bystander, caught in the middle of some insane disaster.

My sincere hope is to see a less fluffy version of Jackie Chan. In fact, I think we all would like to see this!

His typical character is funny, but the “Mr. Nice Guy” persona has become old. What I really want to see is some genuine ass kicking!

Don’t get me wrong, I personally find Jackie Chan’s movies very entertaining!

I want to see the films that Jackie stars in get a bit more TLC. I think most people who go to watch a Jackie Chan movie expect a bit of a “B Movie” feel to them. I’m tired of this, and I want to see more polish in his movies as well as more thrilling action!

By watching the trailer, I noticed that Jackie seemed to portray a truly pissed off and relentless individual. Something that is truly different than what we typically see from him.

The Foreigner may be Jackie Chan’s best film yet, and if the trailer is somewhat close to the actual movie, we may all get to see Jackie Chan in his best performance yet!

A Better Director?

Enter the director! The Foreigner, was directed by Martin Campbell. Martin Campbell is well known for directing the more recent version of the James Bond flick, Casino Royale!

Casino Royale Parkour Scene
Screen Grab from Casino Royale parkour / free-running scene. Copyright Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Columbia Pictures

In the opening of Casino Royale, an epic free running / parkour chase breaks out with Bond chasing a bad guy played by Sebastien Foucan. In that moment, James Bond became more than just a gentleman spy, but more realistic and tangible.

For those who missed the scene:

We all know that it takes many people to make a movie. I’m not sure as to Martin Campbell’s ability to make a truly epic Jackie Chan movie. My sincere hope is to see a less fluffy version of Jackie Chan. In fact, I think we all would like to see this!

Jackie Chan The Foreigner 2017 Pierce Brosnan

The Story

The Foreigner which stars Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan, is a cat and mouse action thriller. It’s based off of The Chinaman
by Stephen Leather.

Jackie Chan stars as humble Londan businessman Quan. Gents, from the trailers that I’ve seen, we have one awesome movie coming! We shouldn’t see the typical, innocent, ‘man in a pickle’ commonly played by Jackie.  Quan has a hidden past. We don’t know what yet.  What’s important is that this past lets Jackie break out some awesome kung fu moves and survival skill action!

Quan’s “Royale” like rage is triggered by the death of his only loved one – his teenage daughter. Quan’s daughter dies in a politically motivated terrorist bombing. When Quan investigates into the persons responsible for the bombing, he comes up against some fishy resistance from British Government official Liam Hennessy (Pierce Brosnan) and his division.

Quan, in a relentless search for the identity of the bomber is forced to “put the hurt on” Hennessy who seems to hold the key to the identities of the terrorists in Quan’s daughter’s death.

The buzz right now

At this point, The Foreigner has a 96% “WANT TO SEE” rating on, and has even been the “talk of the town” on Reddit. The trailer looks splendidly awesome (above) and the movie’s set release date is on October, 13th 2017.

What are you thoughts on this movie? Do you think Jackie Chan is going to break his mold for something a little rougher than usual?

Let us know in the comments below.

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